When To Hire A Tax Levy Attorney?

If you are under investigation for, charged with or even accused of a tax evasion offense there is a good chance that you will want to seek professional tax levy attorney services. When you are questioned by the Internal Revenue Service or the state tax agency it is very important that you have a tax expert by your side. A good tax lawyer will be able to negotiate with the IRS to get your fines reduced, or to get your charges dismissed altogether. In many cases a tax levy can be avoided all together if you can show the Internal Revenue Service or state tax officials that you have not intentionally evaded taxes.



Grand Junction, CO Tax levy attorneys come into play when you find yourself facing a tax penalty or collection action from the Internal Revenue Service. They are very important for anyone who has ever had a tax levied against them as a result of not paying your tax bill on time. The tax man can only levy your assets up to the amount of the tax due, and the amount they can seize is limited. In some circumstances they can also waive portions of the tax or charge an interest rate above the applicable tax rate. There are a number of situations where the tax man will choose not to levy, but an experienced tax levy attorney can negotiate with the IRS in these circumstances to get your back taxes waived, reduce your interest rate or even get your charges dismissed.


Some of the situations in which you might want a tax lawyer’s expertise include being investigated for a criminal tax crime such as theft, fraud or identity theft, or attempting to evade tax payments. Another situation in which you might want to consider a tax expert’s assistance is if you suspect that you may be facing a tax lien or wage garnishment which you think is unwarranted. An experienced tax lawyer can help you with your rights during such investigations. You can also get tax relief from the Internal Revenue Service by negotiating with them on your behalf. In some cases they can actually save you from facing jail time. When in doubt it is advisable that you seek the advice of a tax professional.


Tax lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of the tax laws of the United States and Canada. In many cases they have substantial experience working with the IRS, which could prove to be very helpful to you. They can negotiate with the IRS to reduce the amount of back taxes you owe or even be able to prevent the IRS from levying at all. A good tax levy attorney will also know all the exceptions and special benefits available to people who qualify for them. If you owe back taxes or other problems regarding your federal tax obligations you need to find a tax professional who can help you.


A good tax lawyer will also know all the options available to you in resolving your tax issues, including settlement. Many tax lawyers work exclusively for their clients through a corporation, so they will be aware of all the options for resolving a tax problem. They should have a good knowledge of the IRS and tax law as well as the federal tax laws of all states. If you do not have a tax levy attorney, ask your friends and family who may have used one for resolving a tax problem in the past. They will be able to provide you with an honest opinion about the quality of the lawyer they used.


If you owe back taxes or other problems relating to your federal tax obligations you should be sure to find a competent tax professional. A tax levy attorney can help you to resolve your tax issues. You may be able to avoid the back taxes altogether or at least get a reduced amount. Do not put off getting help until you find yourself in financial dire straits. Your tax problems can worsen quickly if you do not seek legal help as soon as possible.